Some of my TI-84 calculator programs are showcased below.


TI-FLOW is a port of Flow Free for the TI-84 Plus. If you enjoy Flow Free on your mobile device, and you have a TI-84 calculator, you will surely love this game. TI-FLOW comes with 400 levels and a program to help nerds create their own level packs. View the project page.

TI-PLOW: A Seasonal Game

TI-PLOW is a maze-like puzzle game for the TI-84 Plus. Help Timmy the plow truck driver plow all the snow in the city. However, due to budget cuts, Timmy will lose his job if he drives the plow over areas that don’t have any snow: that would waste fuel, time, and money. Try not to take too long, the city doesn’t pay overtime. TI-PLOW features 100 hand-made levels for your enjoyment. Race against the clock to complete each level perfectly. 

Download TI-PLOW: A Seasonal Game


Don't pay much attention to things beyond this point.

Sierpinski Triangle Generator

These programs utilize recursion to draw the Sierpinski Triangle to depth D. Both programs are needed for this to work.


Time Lapse Intervalometer

This program prompts the user for the time lapse length, the target video length and frame rate and then signals a camera with a remote shutter release at the appropriate interval.

Fast Primes

This program can generate a list of the firs 999 primes in less than 60 seconds using a modified segmented Sieve of Eratosthenes. Generated primes are stored into L2. This is currently a proprietary work-in-progress and will be published at a later date.

Ubuntu TiLP installer