1) Programs must be written entirely in TI-BASIC for the TI-84+ SE or compatible calculator.

2) The AI must not receive any user input during the course of a game.

3) The AI must consist of no more than three (3) individual program files, not exceeding a total maximum size of 2000 Bytes.

4) The AI cannot modify the contents of matrix [A], [H], or list ∟CON4.

5) The AI should not depend on any stored variables other than one (1) named list (e.x. ∟AILIST). The list should have a name unique to the AI to prevent other AI programs from using the same named list. Your named list cannot be ∟CON4.

6) The AI is must return a position between 1 and 7 (inclusive) as Y. 1 represents the leftmost column and 7 represents the rightmost column. A valid position is an integer that represents a column that has not been filled with 6 tokens. Returning an invalid position will cause an error.

7) The AI must complete each move in one minute or less.

8) The AI cannot call any program other than itself or the other two (optional) subprograms.

9) The AI cannot display, draw, or ouput anything on the home screen or graph screen at any time

Additional Cemetech challenge rules:

10) Don't post any of your code before the results are published 

11) Don't ask with help with your code anywhere, including Cemetech, reddit,, Omnimaga, you name it. 

12) If you are entering the challenge, post about it in the Cemetech thread.