TI-BASIC Connect 4 AI Challenge

Welcome to the home of the TI-BASIC Connect-Four AI competition! The official terms of the competition are listed below.


For general information about the Connect Four game, look here.

For this challenge, programs will play Connect Four against each other by interfacing through a provided Connect Four program. This program also serves as a visualizer, determines the winner, and provides the functionality necessary for human input. Program names are stored into the CON4PRGM program, which then selects the correct program for each player. Designated variables are used to provide the information necessary for gameplay.

This game of Connect Four is played on a 6x7 playing space, represented by the 6x7 matrix [A]. [A](1,1) represents the bottom left space and [A](6,7) represents the upper right space. Blank spaces are represented by 0, and played spaces are represented by the player's number-either 1 or 2.


[A]: 6x7 matrix representing the current playing field

Y: The selected column to drop the chip

Z: The current player number

N: The the current move number

The interface program automatically switches between the selected AI programs after each move, and determines the winner.

More specific information is available on the resources page.